Welcome to the new MISO website!

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We migrated all active user profiles from the current site so you do not need to create a new profile. Click the login button in the upper right hand corner and supply the same user name and password you used on the old website. For security reasons, you will be directed to reset your password. 

Register for January and February Stakeholder Meetings 

Click on an event in the Upcoming Meetings list and click register. If you are not logged in, you will be redirected to the log in page. Once you are logged in, you can answer the questions, finalize your registration and add the meeting to you local calendar. Please note, the calendar is not functioning at its full capacity just yet. We are working on a few additional features like the ability to register for mulitple meetings and the ability to go back to the view of the calendar you were just on, amongst others. 

Real Time Data and Market Reports

Check out our new Real Time Data dashboard! The links to download real time data are ready to go as well! Use this URL map  to help you update and test the new APIs. Additionally, the new market report APIs are ready for testing. You will find those in the same  URL map.  You can also view all of our potential IP addresses.  

Stakeholder Committee Pages and Meeting Materials

All active stakeholder committee pages are viewable from the Stakeholder Engagment tab and we are working to get all the materials moved over to the new site.

Access the old website

The old site can be accessed at https://old.misoenergy.org. We will keep that site and its contents available for ~45 days. Real-time data and market reports will continue to post to the old site. However, we will not post any NEW documents or files to the old site. 

We Want Feedback

We love the way the new site is looking but we know there are always ways to make it better. If you are having trouble with a new feature or have an idea to make the site more useful, we want to hear about it.


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